How to Configure your Wi-Fi Router

How to Configure your Wi-Fi Router

It is not as complex as it sounds to set up your new Wi-Fi router. This complete guide will lead you through the entire process of initial step-by-step configuration of your Wi-Fi router.

Once you have located and purchased the router that you want, all you need to do is to follow these instructions to set them up.

How to configure yout wi-fi router

Part 1: Hardware connection

Connecting your router to the modem:

  1. You must connect your router to the modem so that you can share your internet connection with several devices. Place your router near the modem in practise.
  2. Connect the Ethernet wire to both the modem and the router.
  3. On your router, you should attach the modem to the Internet port/WAN.

Connecting your devices to Ethernet:

  1. Connect your computer, TV or Video Game console straight to your router over Ethernet for quicker and better connections. No more configuration actions are required.
  2. You must connect at least one computer over Ethernet to adjust your router settings, if not all of your devices.
  3. Once the router settings have been updated, you can disconnect the device later.

How to configure yout wi-fi router

Part 2: Set Your Router

Finding the IP address of the router:

  1. To identify the router's default IP address, check at the label or box it entered.
  2. If you can't locate it elsewhere, look for the Web model of the router.

Settings Adjustment:

  1. On the device linked to the router, open a browser through Ethernet.
  2. Enter the router IP address and search.
  3. Your browser immediately attempts to connect to the router's setup menu.
  4. Entering your password and username:
  5. You first need to access the configuration page in order to update the settings.
  6. To achieve this, be on the IP address of the router.
  7. Enter a valid username and password.
  8. It can be found on the router or on the documentation.

Wireless Settings Adjustment:

  1. You will see a main menu or screen after you log in to your router.
  2. Usually the Internet section is left to default.
  3. Enter a personalised name for your router in the SSID in the wireless section.
  4. Choose the WPA2-PSK security method since it is the most secure and secure.
  5. Enter a complex yet rememberable password after selecting your security mechanism.
  6. Once all adjustments are finished, click Apply to save your settings.
  7. The router takes a few of minutes to reset after which your router is activated.

Blocking Unwanted Sites:

  1. You can restrict your network from accessing your devices from unwanted websites.
  2. To prohibit unwanted sites, go to the Security/Block section of the router.
  3. Type the sites' domain names or keywords to prohibit them.

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