How to Check space on your hard disc

How to Check space on your hard disc

How to check space on your hard disc

Regardless of how big your disc space is, there will always be a point when it feels not sufficient. As you keep more and more files on your system, your system's free disc space decreases every day. So, freeing up some disc space is vital to stop the bothersome low storage notifications. However, you have to figure out which files or programs take a major part of the storage space before releasing disc space. What takes us to the subject of this article: how to check the space of your hard disc.

Whether you run Windows or macOS, we will explain in full the methods for both operating systems. Follow our instructions on the screen to complete the transaction easily.

How to check space on your hard disc

Checking your hard disc space | On Windows

To check hard drive space on Windows, the methods listed below must be followed.

  • In the under-left corner of your screen, click on the Windows logo. To open the start menu, you can alternatively press the Window key.
  • Click on the Settings icon after accessing the start menu.
  • Once the Settings app is opened, click "System."

How to check space on your hard disc

  • Navigate to and click on the Storage tab. All 'C' disc storage details are displayed on your screen
  • Click on the "see storage use of other drives" button to determine the storage space of all drives.

How to check space on your hard disc

  • Check all storage data and save up space by deleting trash files.

How to check space on your hard disc

Note: In addition, through File Explorer, you can check the storage space where the full and free space of all discs is displayed.

The following approach also allows users of Windows to verify hard disc space.

  • Click the "search" icon on your screen at the lower right corner.
  • In the search field, enter "computer management" and press Enter.
  • When the computer management program is opened, double-click on "storage."
  • Double-click on "disc management" in the following step.
  • All of the hard disc space details will appear on your screen.

The following must be done by macOS users to verify their hard disc space.

  • Open the Apple menu by clicking on the Apple logo in your top left corner.
  • Your screen will display a drop-down menu. Click on the option "About this mac."
  • Click on "Store" in the following step. On your screen, you'll see a colored bar.

Disc space finder

  • Each colored bar segment represents an estimate of the storage capacity of different files and programs.
  • Just click on "manage" and check all the garbage data to erase them.

Disc space finder

Well, you got it there! It's all about checking the space of your hard disc. If this post has been helpful, please let us know in the comment area and share it with your friends.

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