How do you defend against Messi? The Greatest footballer in world football history.

I am talking about the greatest footballer in the world Right now and we can probably Argue that Messi is the Greatest Ever. The Argentinian star and Barcelona's main Man the weapon of Barcelona Lionel Messi the small boy but so fast the best left foot in the world football history. No player can defend against Messi It's very hard because when he has the ball he is look like an Alien his balance, Accuracy, touches, his body Feet are just incredible. His change of direction with such a pace so really difficult for a defender to defend A guy who is born to play football.

Messi Won 4 Champions League titles with Barcelona. First against Arsenal in 2006 when he is injured but his team still managed to win that final Against Arsenal in 2006. Second against Manchester United in 2009 back in Rome Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United was one of the best football teams ever and Pep Guardiola's Masterclass team Barcelona easily and Comfortably won that final by 2-0 Eto'o and Messi were the scorer in that final.

Third against Manchester United again back in 2011 at Wembley that was a full tactical Final Barcelona thrased Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United by 3-1 Messi, Villa and Pedro were the scorer in that match and in that match Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United were playing Counter Attacking football and their defending in the last line were not so good like Barcelona. Barcelona played totally Tiki Taka in that Match Iniesta, Xavi and Messi completey dominated the whole Manchester United Messi was a special and Spectacular player in that final because he Dribble past Professional defenders in that final match.

Fourth Against Juventus back in 2015 in Berlin When MSN Messi , Suarez,  neymar dominated the entire world Football In terms of their creativity, their style of play. Barcelona won that final Against Juventus by 3-1 Suarez and Neymar were the scorer in that final A brilliant final but Barcelona were too good in that final against Juventus back in 2015 in Berlin.

Messi won 6 Ballon d'Ors more than anybody else in world football history, 6 pichichi Awards most golden boot Awards he is clearly better than any body else in football history.

We can Debate that Pele, Maradona, Brazilian Ronaldo, Zidane they all won the World Cup but Messi have Never won the World Cup but they Cruyff also not Won the World Cup but he is still in the best footballers list. And also Messi dragged Argentina in 2014 World Cup but in the final his teammates were not helped him to win the World. Higuain missed the few chances in 2014 World Cup.

Messi Won 4 Champions league titles It's the same Competition as the World Cup but just a different title and he is lucky too that he is playing against another one of the best players of his generation Cristiano Ronaldo this type Rivalry can not Repeat Again in history of world football.

Messi is better than any body else just Simple as  that He is like Maradona and Maradona wasn't Maradona every day. Messi is a great great Talent he looks the game so very easy and it's not easy. The greatest No 10 and the greatest footballer in the world football history.

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