Freedom from self

 Freedom from self

Everyone is born free, free from any captivity. But what if this freedom is mere a word and you are under captivity of yourselfWhat if you are the one, who is the hindrance for you, what you don't allow yourself to flourish out? Freedom from all those grudges, clashes, conflicts, negativism can lead you to the real freedom. 

Man is but the production of his thoughts, a very famous line by a very famous author. Your inner self determines your outer self. if you will seek freedom  from your thoughts, your clinged thoughts, you can actually get your true freedom. A freedom from your desires, your downfalls, your No's can give a freedom of real means to your conscience.

Self philosophy? 

Eradication of this self philosophy, this everything's for me,everything's mine philosophy, can bring about prosperity where not only our own perceptions would be cherish but we can make others think positive and optimistic. Once, if a soul wins there beautiful thoughts and reflections ariseWe have to abandon this merely selfish thinking’s; we have to come out of these cages. We have to seek and find the freedom first from our self made boundaries than we have to overcome the boundaries around.

Dear self:

Today remember that everyone has their own battle and patienceis a virtue of a leader. We can’t control people or certain situations in life, but we control how we perceive things and that is our true super power. Value your own inner piece more than drama and conflict not only because it will save you from stress, but also because it will give you power to think clear and make better decisions.

Your true self is saying to you today

If the bars of your self's made cell will be broken there you can learn to live for the true meaning of your life.

Leaving behind these words, I, me, mine if we replace them with our, we, ours we would be able to overcome those hurdles which have make our success stories blunt.

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Abubakar - Apr 7, 2020, 7:07 PM - Add Reply

Nice article
Keep it up

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