foodpanda launches pilot project for food delivery by ‘Pandafly’ drones


foodpanda launches pilot project for food delivery by ‘Pandafly’ drones

foodpanda launches pilot project for food delivery by ‘Pandafly’ drones

This week, Pakistan's most popular e-commerce site, foodpanda, began testing the use of a custom-built drone for food delivery in a pilot experiment today. The pandafly drone was tested in Islamabad's F-9 Park in conjunction with the office of the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad.

A foodpanda rider retrieved a 2.5 kilogramme food box from a nearby restaurant and stowed it into the drone's storage bag. To distribute the item, a rider picked it up from the drone and handed it to the children from Sweet Homes, who had been invited to the event.

A future Foodpanda delivery will be speedier and cover more distances thanks to the usage of innovative technologies. Customers in outlying and peri-urban areas will be greatly benefited by drone delivery, as they have few alternatives for food outlets in their immediate area and may now buy meals from major metropolitan centres as well. A foodpanda rider will finish the final mile of delivery via drone. Additionally, this is the first commercial drone built in Pakistan for this purpose, and foodpanda is proud to be a part of this endeavour.

local technical advancement.

According to Nauman Sikandar Mirza, the CEO of foodpanda, his company's basic idea is to continually innovate, exceed the limitations, and harness technology so that it can satisfy people's evolving requirements. There are still a number of technological, operational, and legal issues that need to be addressed before we can begin delivering drones to our clients, and we are working hard to address all of them. This morning's successful test flight and delivery demonstrates that we're on the right track!"

Islamabad DC Muhammad Hamza Shafqat engaged closely with foodpanda for the pilot project; he also served as Chief Guest at its debut ceremony in Islamabad on September 15. He said, "In my opinion,..."

Anyone who takes the initiative to improve public convenience and amenities by using e-commerce or other technologies would be fully supported by the civil government in Islamabad." "We congratulate foodpanda for successfully launching this trial initiative into a regular service."


The event was also attended by dignitaries, media representatives, celebrities, and social media influencers.



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