It’s frustrating when you’re playing your favorite game and you discover out that you simply get a “Internet Error” bug.

The truth is, you’re not that each one alone because it’s been plaguing all our iOS and Android PUBG mobile versions too. 

In this guide, I’ll show you ways you'll fix the web Error on PUBG bug on your mobile app in but a moment of some time . 

Why is it showing the error?

The “Internet Error” on PUBG happens whenever you can't hook up with servers that you simply got to hook up with so as to play the sport . 

This can be fixed because it is your DNS server that your ISP is using which has trouble connecting to the game’s servers. So all you've got to try to to , really, is simply change the DNS server from the one that you’re using immediately to a different one. 

Awesome. Let’s dive right in.

What you’ll need.

• Your internet connection is functioning and is stable.

• Your internet speed and ping are good to play a multiplayer online game.

• You’re not using your cellular network to play the sport . This has been known to cause problems on Android devices also as on iOS too.

How to Fix Internet Error on PUBG Mobile Apps: 4 Steps 

If you’re on iOS.

Step 1: Jump into your Settings app then tap on your Wi-Fi (which is under Airplane Mode).

Step 2: Now next to the Wi-Fi that you’re connected to immediately , just tap on the small blue i symbol fix internet error on PUBG mobile apps .

Step 3: Next, scroll right down to under DNS then tap on Configure DNS.

Pubg Error


In your Configure DNS page, at the highest confirm that you simply set it to Manual and not Automatic.

Google DNS

Step 4: All you've got to try to to now's under DNS Servers, just slide from right to left on the old DNS settings to Delete them then tap on Add Server to feature either Google DNS or OpenDNS:

Google DNS


Hit Save (to your top right corner) and you’re done!

If you’re on Android.

These steps apply to Android Oreo.

Step 1: Jump into your Settings app then tap on Wi-Fi & Network.

Step 2: Now tap and hold on your WiFi network name. (do not tap on the lock icon next to it) 

Step 3: you ought to see a menu that pop ups. Tap on Modify Network. 

Step 4: Enter your password for your network then tap Advanced Options.

Pubg Error

Step 5:  Next, scroll down until you find IP Settings. Found it? Great! Tap on IP Settings and then replace DHCP with Static.

pubg Error

Step 6:  You’re almost done! Now scroll down a little further and you’ll see DNS 1 and DNS 2. All you have to do here is just enter your new DNS Settings which can either be Google DNS or OpenDNS:

Google DNS

For DNS 1, you add:

For DNS 2, you add:


For DNS 1, you add:

For DNS 2, you add:

Hit Save and you’re done!

You can go try your PUBG and therefore the error should get away . If not give your phone a restart and check out it once more . 

Share this guide with anyone, your PUBG mates or gals and help them if they’re stuck on this same error. 🙂

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