Is there too much gender in politics, too much stereotyping of female and male? Today I will answer all of these questions in the light of Quran and sunah.

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What is feminism?                                                                        

Feminism is a social movement and ideology that fights for the political, economic and social rights for women. It believes that women and mans are equal, so women deserve equal rights.                                                                           

“My body my choice”                                                                          

The word “meri marzi” seems cryptic to everyone and different and women rights activists for bringing a “Western agenda” into Pakistan. ... to the well-defined equal rights given by Islam or other religions to the women. Aurat March, which is set to take place on 8th March to raise voices against the atrocities committed against women became controversial as it faced different challenges from court proceedings to disrespectful behaviors’ exhibited by the participants of TV talk shows discussing this march.

When a woman talks of “Jism” (body), the first thing that comes to mind of many people is sex and I am sure this reaction would not be any different among most male and female segments of our society. Now such reaction is bound to break all boundaries if ‘jism’ becomes a subject of signboards hanging on street and other public places. It was the case when the organizers of Aurat March placed their posters at different public places carrying their slogan “Mera jism, meri merzi” These are Muslim women yes? Why don't they ask for their Rights clearly stated by Allah in Quran


Status of women’s in Pakistan:

The status of women’s in Pakistan is one of the systematic gender subordination.There is a third group of women in Pakistan who don’t connect with either secular feminism or conservative ideology – women who are just trying to survive, they even don’t know about the basics rights. The  way of ignoring criticism and conservative pressure is to focus on protecting the vulnerable. “They are facing a different level of patriarchy: food insecurity, health insecurity. . Secular women—which, to secular activists, doesn’t mean anti-religion, but anti-conflation of religion and state—are the ones who have secured legislative change to protect women better over the last 20 years.


 Status of women in Islam:

 As Islam gives basic rights to the women’s. Surat An-Nisa (the women) it is the second largest surah in the Quran and the whole surah is largely based on women’s and their rights.

the Qur’an says in several places: Allah created your mate from your own kind. There is no trace that woman was created out of an inferior stock to that of man, that they gave woman the status of a parasite and of an inferior, or that the mate of the first Adam was created from one of the left-side parts of his body. Besides that, in Islam there is no derogatory view about woman as regards her nature and innate constitution. Hazrat khadijah the 1st wife of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was a successful business woman in trade and was actually the employer of her future husband. His youngest wife, Aisha, was a highly praised scholar who narrated over two thousand hadiths, delivered public speeches, and fought for social changes.

Conclusion:                                                                                                      In the contemporary world which is heavily influenced by great strides made in the field of transportation, communication, information, discrimination, and explosion of information. A great challenge lies ahead of the Islamic scholars to put every effort so that the Muslims are relived from the domestic, archaic interpretation of the Holy Quran and brought to the main stream with inculcating divine and compassionate of Holy Quran through Ijtihad.

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