FAQs About Corona Virus Disease

FAQs About Corona Virus Disease

Can Eating Meat Transmit Corona Virus disease?

Corona Virus disease from Human to human interation.It does not spread from animal to human.Which means you will not get

Corona Virus Disease by eating meat;However cooking the meat properly can protect you from many infection.


Can Corona Virus Disease be transmitted from Pets?

Corona Disease does not spread from Pets or cattles.


Can Corona Virus Disease be treated by Antibiotics?

As it is a viral infection so it cannot be treated with antibiotics.


Can Corona Virus Disease always Lead to Death ?

98% of the people who get the disease has the chance to recover theirselves quickly and only 2 % people has the chance to die.


Are the Home Remedies work against Corona Virus Disease?

Now adays alot of people show alot of home remedies that they tell that this work against Corona Virus disease but there is 

no proof of such things that it has the ability to controle Corona Virus Disease.


How Can I Protect myself from Corona Virus Disease?

The best precationary methods to pertect yourself from Corona Virus is to Wash your hands frequently and do not touch your mouth

or nose with dirty hands.


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