Facebook and Ray-Ban offer intelligent eyewear that can shoot photographs, photos and more

Facebook and Ray-Ban offer intelligent eyewear that can shoot photographs, photos and more

Recent news has brought together Facebook and Ray-Ban to present the much anticipated product 'Ray Bans' which allows users to shoot pictures, record video, answer phone calls and even play podcasts.

facebook and rayban

The startup showed the glasses as a direct competitor to the shows at Snapchat. These glasses cost roughly $299, which uses the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer frame style from EssilorLuxottica SA. This makes the wearers look hip while guaranteeing all the high-end features. These glasses do not, however, have the capacity of increased reality that allows users primarily to overlay digital content in the physical world. Although Facebook said they want to add the feature shortly. According to Monisha Perkash, Facebook Product Director,

"We are designing the next platform for AR eyewear. We consider it to be a very crucial first step towards this aim."

facebook and rayban

At first sight these glasses look like a pair of Ray-Ban lenses, but this makes them so remarkable, because they have some unique intelligent features, such as dual 5-megapixel camera sensors; Bluetooth 5.0 embedded and Wi-Fi for phone-syncing, battery, sufficient storage for up to 500 photos and speakers. In addition, a user can snap a picture by pushing and holding a button to the right of the glasses or can record a video once.

Furthermore, the glasses contain a contact area on the right side that allows the voice assistant and calls to control music. In addition, the user can swipe left and right to control volume, tap to play, break and skip music, and double-tap telephone calls to respond.

Facebook has not currently discovered when it will offer full AR glasses but the future of AR and VR will change human communication after smartphones according to Zuckerberg.

To make it a reality for Facebook means that the firm is entirely independent and does not require any more gadgets from other businesses, such as Google and Apple, to carry on its advertising and messaging operations.

These spectacles all in all indicate how prominent the future is since such a technology can most probably eradicate wireless earphones and cellphones.

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