Face Shields May Be Next Step to Prevent COVID-19

As the whole world is suffering from depression due to coronavirus and the world is trying its best to find out the treatment or a vaccine to overcome this deadly pandemic.unfortunately up to now there is no success we must look at the other options available as medical treatment is not present.using of face mask has increased since this pandemic has risen in the world and face mask has become a common wearing item but the question is does it guarantee that we will be safe from infection perhaps yes but we have to step forward and look for a much better option than a Mask.we have to shift from wearing a mask to face shields and there various valid reasons for it. Face shields are not new in medical terms, in fact, the doctors & nurses who treat the COVID 19 patients always wear these face shields. Face shields have various advantages if they are worn correctly they can play an important role in safe guarding the people against this deadly COVID-19 virus. They are easy to wear correctly and very good at blocking the droplets from an infected COVID-19 patient. Face shields can easily be washed and sanitized after use and you can reuse them with ease. While wearing Face shields you can't touch your nose, eyes,mouth-like u can do while  you wear mask.you can do communication with ease wearing a Face shield and also u can see the facial expression as well. the world will switch towards the face shields in place of face mask as it has many qualities as compared to face mask .As it has already shown its impact on doctors & nurses who are busy in treatments on COVID 19 patients and soon it will be seen with people at work, kids at school and home as we don’t have any other option at the moment perhaps The face shield is a good option to be adopted at this moment though more research should be made about the safety level of wearing face shield. But at the moment it seems it’s a better option than wearing a Face mask.

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