Drama Serial Ishq Hai Ended On Happy Note – Public Opinion

Drama Serial Ishq Hai Ended On Happy Note – Public Opinion

The renowned Drama series Ary Digital Ishq Hai has just ended. The drama has been quite popular both positively and negatively. The drama began with Shahzeb's preoccupation with Israel's love.


The drama of Ary Digital is a Big Bang Production directed by Aabis Raza. Babar Ali, Minal Khan, Mahenur Haider, Mahi Baloch, Azekah Daniel and Hammad Farooqui were also involved in the cast. The drama was viewed and appreciated by the audience, although critics denounced several of its parts.


Recently, after much tension and drama, the drama concluded on a pleasant note. In past episodes it was evident that Shahzeb and Israel would not be living a good life together as Shahzeb was all about to marry Nimra, but eventually the drama went to a pleasant road that solves all the problems


The public also appreciated this drama because it was pleasant, nearly all the Twitter users applauded it for a happy ending. Only one admirer claimed that in Pakistan people are forced to watch these harmful dramas that are unfortunate. One admirer said she wanted part 2 of Ishq Hai. One fan felt Shahzeb's behaviour was not to be forgiven since it was too odd.

The end was adored mostly by the fans because of the happy twist. It appears that the method to finish dramas with pleasure works perfectly well with directors and producers, as there was no negative feedback. Fans say they want another Shahzeb and Israel drama ( Danish and Minal). Fans loved Shahzeb's mother's acting and repentance and her confessions.


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