Cute Panda PUBG ID, Real Name, Age, Face, Device, Hometown, and more

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Short Biography

Real Name Chris Nadeem
Nickname Cute Panda
Age 12 Years Old
Place of Birth Karachi
Country Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani 
PUBG Name roarPANDAyt
PUBG ID 5590226068
Clan Roar Esport
Roar Esport
4 Fingers Claw
Device iPhone 12

Social Media 

Instagram cutepanda_pubg
YouTube Cute Panda

Cute Panda Pubg Biography

This article is about the Cute Panda Pubg. Cute Panda is a Pakistani PUBG Mobile player. His age is 11. Cute Panda is Pakistan's newest competitive player. Chris Nadeem's real name. He lives in Karachi.

It has 404k YouTube subscribers. Cute Panda is his YouTube channel. It was launched on February 17, 2020. His most popular video has gotten 1.5 million views.

This cute panda uses 4 Fingers Claw on an iPhone 12. It's roarPANDAyt. Roar Esport is his clan. He is his Clan's Leader.

Cute panda face revale Image

Cute Panda Face (Chris Nadeem)


Some Intresting Facts About Cute Panda

  • Chris Nadeem is Cute Panda.
  • His age is 12.
  • He is Pakistan's newest competitive player.
  • He lives in Karachi.
  • He uses an iPhone 12.

Questions about Cute Panda Pubg 

• Cute Panda Pubg?

Ans:Pakistani famous Pubg Mobile player. It was launched in 2020 and has 400k subscribers. Cute Panda, 11, is Pakistan's youngest PUBG Mobile competitive player.


• Who is Pubg Cute Panda?

Ans: Chris Nadeem is Cute Panda.


• Cute Panda Pubg uses what device?


Ans:iPhone 12

Famous Videos of Cute Panda

This is the most papular video of Cute Panda

10 years old Cute Panda vs Dr Pikachu | Cute Panda | Pubg Mobile

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