Crazy Fan Meeting: 'A Girl Once Grabbed Me By The Collar' Feroze khan

Crazy Fan Meeting: 'A Girl Once Grabbed Me By The Collar' Feroze khan

Worldwide artists cherish their audience. But if their adoration becomes obsession, they become scary and most even begin to stalk their idols. Similar incidents occurred with Feroze Khan when his collar was picked from a washroom by a female fan to acquire his telephone number.

The Khuda Aur Mohabbat star discussed in his latest appearance on Tabish Hashmi's To Be Honest his strangest fan interaction. While VJying was in his early career for a show, a woman's fan followed him to the bathroom.

"I went with my colleagues to the washroom, it was a little distant from the set, so we must walk. Once we got there, I sent the team back to the set and went to the toilet. When I returned I heard foot steps, turned and saw the girl's face, who had followed me on the sets for months. She was just coming and watching me."

Feroze Khan discusses his crazy fan meeting

Then Feroze Khan became angry and grabbed by his neck when he refused to disclose his telephone number.

"She wanted my number, she wanted my number. I began inventing lies that I had no phone, but she grabbed my neck. I was shocked. 'How can someone receive a number so aggressive,' I was thinking. I had to give her a number so I just gave her my uncle's number (phuppa)."

The fan did not stop there. There did not stop.

"My uncle contacted me and questioned someone about you, so I told him all the situation. But he phoned me three days later and said it gets out of control. He asked me to deal with it fast."

While the player of Ishqiya appreciated all the affection fans sent him, he said love may become addiction and that it would be frightening.

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