Corona Virus myths & Reality

There are so many fake information around about the Novel Corona Virus, some of the news are correct while many off them are fake, we will try to look at different news and understand which one correct and which are just myths. So let's start

As we know that coronavirus is a flu-like virus which spread from human to human, many news states that it can transfer from animal to human?

1.Spreading of Corona virus from Animal to Humans:

 Question rises here is it true? there is not single evidence which tells us that coronavirus can also spread from animal to human, so we will consider it as a false news unless we have solid evidence that it can transfer from animal to human.

2. Is there any Confirmed Cure of Corona Virus:

Many people are presenting different medicine and remedies for coronavirus cure but all of them are useless as there is no cure for coronavirus though we can boost our immunity like taking vitamin c to fight with viral infection but all others are just myths about curing of coronavirus.

3.Corona Virus Hype :

Media and Social Media has created a lot of hype of Novel coronavirus but question rises here how many people can die from this virus? figures show us that 80% of the people completely recover without any medical emergency and many of the people will not show any symptoms and they recover from the virus. The mortality rate is about 2 % of the virus the best way to be safe from coronavirus Washing your hands, Not touching you nose mouth, keep social distancing, don’t share your things with others.

4.How Long Virus can Stay outside the Body :

The virus can live for days outside the body that is on the surface if the appropriate atmosphere is there .it does not infect the human unless you touch the surface and touch your nose or mouth afterward .it does not infect you by just touching the infected surface .the maximum duration of coronavirus is from 24 hours to 72 hours afterward it loses its power of infection .so the most important is just washing your hands with soap or hand sanitizer it the best probable way for prevention.

5. Wearing Mask is Safe :

Wearing Mask does not guarantee prevention from infection from coronavirus, it can still infect you while wearing a mask . No doctor suggests wearing of coronavirus than who is telling us about it? The News Channels, SocialMedia, Tiktok, etc who don’t have any medical background.

6. Corona Virus stays for three days in your Mouth/Throat –True :

Many of news spread around that coronavirus stays for three days in your mouth/throat afterward it enters your respiratory system, its totally useless and fake news, it’s a viral infection not a bacterial infection so people presenting themselves as a doctor and stated to drink different kinds of liquids to kill the virus before it enters in your respiratory system are totally fake. it directly enters your body and doesn’t stay anywhere else.

7.5G Technology-AC-Food-Fruits –Vegetables Spread Virus :

Many of news regarding 5G technology states that I can spread the virus is totally fake, while some days that AC can spread the virus is totally fake and false news but yeah someone with the virus who seenze in AC temperature can spread the virus more quickly than outside. Washing the vegetables and boiling it kills the virus so it's another false news about spreading the virus from vegetables.

8.Breath Holding Test 10-40 Seconds :

Many news is around the world about a breath-holding test to know if you have corona. All these news are fake and false it does not guarantee about coronavirus infection. If you compare people who exercise and those who don’t and ask them to hold your breath there will be different between the two & same is for a smoker and nonsmoker.

These are some of the myths & reality about coronavirus , all this information are gathered through research from various doctors.

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said rahman - May 30, 2020, 5:48 PM - Add Reply

Very informative article at this critical situation

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said rahman - May 30, 2020, 5:49 PM - Add Reply

Very informative article at this critical situation

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Raees Khan - May 31, 2020, 6:22 AM - Add Reply

Nice article

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