Corona Virus and Bats have been evolving together for millions of years

Corona Virus and Bats have been evolving together for millions of years

A scientist has compared the different types of corona virus in 36 different Bat species from Indian Ocean on the west and areas of Africa. They found that all those different kinds of Bats have different strains of corona virus; this shows that how corona virus and bats have been evolving for millions of years.

Steve Goodman, a MacArthur field biologist at Chicago's field museum, said that "We have found that there exist a deep evolutionary history between bats and corona virus"

Many people use the word COVID_19, for corona virus however there are as many types of corona virus as many species of bats. Most of these types are unknown for study and there transfer to human.

The corona virus that is carried by Bats are somehow different from covid_19, but by learning about bats, we can better understand the virus responsible for pandemic.

By genetic analysis, the researchers came to know that, when they compare the corona virus from isolated from bats and sequenced with other animals like dolphins, alpacas and human. The results were shocking, they were making a giant corona virus tree. Moreover based on the evolutionary history of corona virus and bats, it is found that there is a profound relation between associated groups of bats and corona virus.

Take an example of Fruit bats found in different continents and islands were genetically different and form a cluster in the tree and their corona virus strains were different from those bats found in the same geographical zones.

The research team also found that, in very rare cases bats of different families and genera living in the same caves shared the same strain of corona virus but the transmission between species is exception not the rule. The transmission between the two bats species seems to be very rare, giving the high diversity of corona viruses from bats.

Learning about how different strains of corona virus evolved inside bats can be far more helpful to prevent other outbreaks in the future.

Goodman also added that despite the fact, that bats carry the virus for an outbreak. we shouldn't start harming or culling of bats in the name of public heath but there are so many other evidences that how essential bats are for our ecosystem like pollination, dispersal of fruits, consumption of those insects who causes diseases in humans, he further added that the good they provide us , outweighs any other potential negatives.

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