Colors and storage options Leaked from Apple iPhone 13

Colors and storage options Leaked from Apple iPhone 13


The iPhone 13 is still a few days from the introduction, but it seems that we already have colour and storage options. This leak is from a store in Ukraine who mistakenly released storage settings and colour options for all iPhone 13 models.

The leak does not contain photos for the devices, since they were only used to launch the iPhone 13 on the market. If the leak is real, we know that iPhone 13 and 13 Mini are available in RED hues in black, blue, violet, pink, white and product. The Mini will have 64GB and 128GB, while the regular iPhone 13 will have 128GB and 256GB.

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Models

There are few colours available for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max, including black, silver, gold and bronze. The iPhone 13 Pro is configurated in 128GB and 256GB, like the iPhone 13, however the Pro Max is equipped with 256GB and 512GB trims.

On Tuesday next week, the iPhone 13 family will be officially introduced, where Apple Watch 7 will also be launched by the firm. As again, Apple has provided no official information about the iPhone 13, so we have to wait and see.


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