Coffin PUBG Player Biography, Age, Real Name, Country, Pubg ID, Face, Contact No and More

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In this page, you can learn about Coffin's PUBG Mobile Player details such as Age, Real Name, Country, PUBG ID, PUBG Name and much more.

Short Biography

Real Name Asimaltan Yucel
Nickname Coffin
Age  Don’t Know
Place of Birth Turkey
Country Turkey
Nationality Turkish
PUBG Name realCoffin
PUBG ID 510443661
Clan Name / Sapphire /
Controls 2 Fingers
iPhone 8 Plus

Social Medias

Instagram @coffingamingofficial
YouTube Coffin

Coffin PUBG Player Biography

This article is about Hyper Coffin. He is a popular Turkish Youtuber. He's famous for PUBG Mobile. Asim Altan Yucel is Hyper Coffin. He is Turkish. Coffin Gaming Channel's Founder, Asim Altan Yucel. It was created on May 7, 2017. His YouTube channel has 690k+ subscribers. Many call him the God of PUBG Mobile. Almost every video he makes gets 500k+ views.

Some Intersting Facts about Coffin

  • Coffin is Turkish.
  • The fastest 2 Fingers Player.
  • Still, he hid his face.
  • He's been dubbed the PUBG God.

Question About Coffin

Who is coffin?

Coffin is a Turkish Gamer. He's famous for PUBG Mobile.


What is Coffin's real name?

Yucel, Asmialtan


Coffin's phone/emulator

7 Plus


Coffin is a hacker?

He is not a hacker.


What does Coffin make?


Not known

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