Can you get the corona virus twice?

The globe has been shattered by the coronavirus outbreak as it has spread itself to 200 countries infected millions of people but one of the questions arise

is that can someone get infected twice once he has recovered from the virus completely?

There are various reports which show that patients recover from coronavirus test positive again after completely recover in the first phase. these reports are from China, Japan, Korea. All these countries were the first who experience this pandemic. China, Japan, and South Korea have reported patients who tested positive twice with the coronavirus, sparking concern of its potential spread even if people have already recovered.

In China which was the origin of the virus reported about 100 patients who were tested positive after recovering from the virus. In one case, a man in China had died due to COVID-19 after he was discharged from the hospital. Particularly in Guangdong province, health authorities reported 14 percent of people who recovered in the area had reinfection.

Japan has also reported various cases where people get infected twice after completely recovered from the virus.

Now, scientists are left baffled about these cases.

One of  the professor of virology stated that “reinfection is unlikely, but there is some evidence from previous studies for persistent infections of animal corona virus”.

Some health experts say that someone testing positive for the second time more likely have test error rather than get infected again.  They note that testing error could be the culprit or doctors have released the patients too early, making them positive during a retest.

There not a confirmed saying from experts whether a person can get infected again or not maybe in the coming days we will get the answer but at the moment there is no clear answer to the question.


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