Blood Pressure & Heart Beat/Pulse Rate

Blood pressure & Heart Rate

Blood pressure is the force of blood moving through your blood vessels while heart rate how many times your heartbeat per minute. Many times when you are excited, worried it increase your heartbeat as well as your blood pressure but it is not necessary that both of these will increase at that time. Blood pressure is not always because of the heart its more often due to blood vessels while increase heartbeat off course increase due to heart.

Whenever we exercise our heartbeat increase now how much the time it takes to come down depends on person fitness.

We have different  stages of blood pressure these are:

Systolic: When Heart Pumps

Diastolic: When Heart Relax after pumping

Systolic: 90 to 120                Normal

Diastolic: 80 to 60                 Normal

Systolic: 120 to 130             Elevated Blood Pressure (Stage=1)

Diastolic: 80 to 90                Elevated Blood Pressure (Stage=1)

Systolic: 140 & Above          Elevated Blood Pressure (Stage=2-High Blood Pressure)

Diastolic: 90 & Above           Elevated Blood Pressure (Stage=2-High Blood Pressure)

Systolic: 180 & Above          Elevated Blood Pressure (Stage=3 Hypertensive Crises-Emergency)

Diastolic: 100 to 120            Elevated Blood Pressure (Stage=3 Hypertensive Crises-Emergency)

Now let’s see about Heartbeat:

60 to 100 BPM is a normal resting heartbeat but it varies according to age. sex and fitness level. A newborn infant can have a heart rate up to 190 bpm. A well-trained athlete can have a heartbeat of 60 bpm.
Resting heartbeat more than 100 shows some kind of problem in the heart and you need to see a doctor for diagnose.

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