Season 6 premiere date for Billions what to watch and what to catch up on

Season 6 premiere date for Billions what to watch and what to catch up on:

Season 6 premiere date for Billions what to watch and what to catch up on

Billions has been running for five seasons and chronicles the power manoeuvres of billionaire Bobby Axelrod (Damien Lewis) and lawman Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti) as they battle it out to get one over one other, apparently with little regard for others who suffer collateral damage along the way.

But, with a major narrative surprise at the end of season five, what will happen in season six, and can the programme maintain its ferocious tone? What will become of those left to pick up the pieces, and what will happen next?

Here's everything you need to know about Billions season six, including how to watch it, when it'll be released, who'll be in it, and what to anticipate.

Season 6 premiere date for Billions:

The new season of Billions was divided into two sections that ran concurrently as a season. The eighteen - month gap was caused by a delay in filming owing to the global epidemic. Between May and June 2020, the first seven episodes of the 12-episode season broadcast. The final five episodes ultimately found their way to our television screens in September 2021, concluding on October 3, 2021. Aside from Chuck Rhodes losing his beard, the plot in season 5 makes no reference of the hiatus.

Thankfully, the wait for the sixth season isn't as lengthy. Showtime has revealed that the new season will premiere in the United States on January 23rd, with the UK following shortly after.How to watch Billons season 6

How to Stream Billons Season 6 Online

Billions has indeed been aired on Showtime in new episodes as well as being able to be downloaded via the Showtime app in the United States, and season 6 is likely to follow the same pattern.

In the United Kingdom, it is aired on Sky Atlantic, formerly a couple of days later, and should be available via Sky Glass, Sky Q, the Sky Go app, and, for those without Sky, Now TV.


How so many episodes will there be in Billions Season 6?

All prior seasons of Billions have consisted of 12 one-hour episodes, and there's no reason to believe that season 6 will be any different.

Is Damien Lewis truly abandoning Billions?

Yes. Until further notice.

However, Damien Lewis, who portrayed Bobby Axelrod for the last five seasons, has not ruled out returning to the show soon: "There may be a possibility for me to return," Lewis said in an interview with the New York Times. "However, Axe has been defeated for the time being."

How and where to Catch Up on Billions Seasons Previous

With the new season of Billions set to premiere in January, you won't have to wait long to continue the tale, but that doesn't mean you can't catch up on all 60 episodes thus far. They are accessible on Showtime Anytime in the United States and Sky or Now TV in the United Kingdom. Each episode from seasons one to four may also be purchased on Apple TV.

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Is there really a season 6 trailer for Billions?

Yes. Gary Levine, Broadway's President digital Content, told Deadline that the team just shot the last episodes of Season 5 and all of Season 6. "We felt bad that the audience had to wait as long as it did to see the remainder of Season 5, so we as well as the remainder of the filmmakers simply put our heads down and said, 'Plow ahead,'" he added.

Will there be a season 7 of Billions?

Season 7 on Billions is still to be confirmed. Given that the programme recently lost one of its major characters, we believe Showtime will want to observe how the show performs without Damien Lewis before renewing it for a seventh season. Let's hope it continues.

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