Australia to provide agro-technology to Pakistan

Australia to provide agro-technology to Pakistan

Australia to provide agro-technology to Pakistan

Is Pakistan's agricultural industry poised for a revolution, as it has always been? Pakistan and Australia have agreed that the latter will provide Pakistan with technical and agricultural training in order to improve the quality of Pakistan's agricultural production.

On Monday, Australian Trade Commissioner to Pakistan John Cavanaghon told Pakistan's Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam that the transfer of agro-technology between the two nations may genuinely propel Pakistan's agro-economy.

As a result of Imam's expression of purpose, the two nations should continue to develop their agro-economic ties by increasing bilateral commerce and transferring agricultural technology.

The Pakistani trade with Australia has been stagnant in recent years, but if attention is paid to it, the volume of exports might improve, he said.

Pakistan might "hit new heights" in trade with Australia if it increased exports of fruits, vegetables, and rice, the Minister said.

The minister claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan prioritises technical, building, and agricultural growth.

He said that Pakistan's agricultural industry may benefit from technology exchanges between Australia and Pakistan. He emphasised the importance of bringing in agrotechnology and training new agricultural workers.

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