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Atro is a famous Pubg Mobile player who uses a PC emulator. His most famous skill is Snipping. He's the best sniper who can hit a moving car.

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Atro Biography

Atro is the world's most famous professional Pubg mobile (Emulator) player. He is one of the best Pubg Mobile players from the Middle East. Atro also creates content for YouTube and Facebook.


After Dynamo, Atro's YouTube channel has the most subscribers. Atro has 11.5 million YouTube subscribers.

Atro Short BioGraphy/Wiki

Real name Atro
Country Netherlands
Date of birth 00-00-1994
Pubg Name حاقد؟
Pubg Id number 5587557062
Team name ATR ATRO
role All-rounder
Age 26 Years
Instagram Id atro55
Device Emulator
YouTube Atro

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Who is Atro PUBG?

Atro Pubg is a Popular Gamer, and Content Creator from Netherland. He is recognised for his best snipping in Pubg Mobile Gameplay.


Atro’s Pubg id is 5587557062 and he plays in Europe Server.

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