Are We close to Eradicate the primary Human Diseases Since Smallpox?

Are We close to Eradicate the primary Human Diseases Since Smallpox?

Small pox is the only human disease to be eradicated, here's the way how they got this achievement.

Till the date, Small pox is the only human disease that has been successfully eradicated from the roots. This eradication holds a major successful story for global health. It was an epidemic disease and has caused high mortality rates. It was crucial to advances in the immunology field as it was the first vaccine to be developed.


Small pox is an infectious disease which is caused by Variola virus, member of orthopoxvirus which infects mostly human population. 

No treatment existed before, once you catch nothing can be do to you, you have to run the complete course. Small pox was responsible for millions of deaths in the past. In London from the year 1629_1902 it was a huge outbreak. Every fifth death was caused by small pox.

Global declines in Smallpox cases

In the year 1796, a British surgeon Edward Jenner invented the vaccine against Small pox; it was the world's very first vaccine against any disease. There was a dramatic decrease in the deaths in the 19 century due to this invention.

Edward Jenner has played a widespread role, by the invention small pox was almost completely eradicated from Europe and North America in the 20th half century.

Global eradication

In the year 1966, WHO Launched its"Intensified small pox eradication program", as more cases were then restricted to South America, Africa, Asia and Indiaespecially, where the roll out of vaccine had been slower. China and India had the largest number of cases that time. This program was meant to accommodate this large number of cases especially in China and India.

The last small pox infection was documented in Somalia in the year 1977.

From the year 1920_1978, the cases had mounted to 11.6 million cases but in the years 1950 _ 60s this rate declined steeply and in after 1970s no cases were reported.

This was the success story of Small pox vaccine.


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