Are cheap android phones worth it?

Are cheap android phones worth it?

Nowadays people are crazily in need for buying and using mobile phones with keep good quality and also keep best feature along with reasonable prices. Our high class people usually use a  mobile set for sometime like days or month and sell the smart phones at very low cost and are attracted towards new innovative device. People from the middle and low societies are crazily in need to own these kinds of smart phones. These smart phones can ruin them in one time. They can easily excess those application and means which would otherwise demand their money and time, but due to some illegal means they get accesses to such application.

Cheap android Phones Cheap android Phones


Games and different lame applications can not only destruct one’s mentality but also his way of preserving thing. Time is wasted and focuses for specific and important chores is lost. Everyone wants a luxurious life with much more comforts but to get some comforts without strives and struggle can make them mentally sick.

Smart phones are for more good no doubt but using them in time of social interaction and immoral ways can be more harmful then its use. Yes, smart phones can be use in proper manners like for certain time and for particular task. Everyone who wants to have smart phones should be fast eligible to have it.

 Why most people prefer cheap phones?

 Keeping today’s world in eyes, everyone wants a good healthy and wealthy life. Keeping a smart phone is a trend nowadays, but having excess to lavish life through that is something different. But why most of the people prefer a cheap android phone this is mostly due to their affordable price and availability. Growing Smartphone markets around the world choose Android devices over iOS because they’re cheaper and cost on average between $40-$60

What makes a cheap phone a cheap phone?

Cheap phones are cheaper for a reason. There has to be something that separate expensive phones from low cost phones. Hardware, camera and display, battery usage, long term reliability and updates can make a phone cheaper. Most of the time, affordable phones have either current low end or high end hardware, the most effective ways to keep costs down, but that always means performance take a hit.

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