An Ebola Vaccine and the future of fighting infectious Diseases

An Ebola Vaccine and the future of fighting infectious Diseases

 In the year 2000, the private and public sectors came together at Davos and they created a vaccine, the purpose was to help the needy poor cope up with this preventable disease. Last year, Gavi has vaccinated more than half a billion children with this vaccine. We have now come across the announcement of "New Ebola vaccine partnership” that will help out to prevent the epidemic.

Ebola Vaccine

In the year 2014, the Ebola outbreak in the West Africa has called out to different questions and health sector had started working on this. When it comes to an epidemic or pandemic the world can only get out of it by working together. Gavi is one of the best examples of partnership that has come out of world economic forum.

By working with different private and public sectors , scientists are now able to put lives into a save zone by vaccines against whooping cough, measles and many other diseases. Gavi has agreed to purchase the Ebola vaccine if when it will be licensed.

300,000 doses of vaccines were available in case of Ebola outbreak and also for clinical trials. But this was not the end it was relief to have an interim measure in that place, the threat of other strains of Ebola disease to emerge and also other diseases like MERS and Zika were present dangers.

Globalization has helped it, like climate changes, pace of modern society has helped the diseases to be evolved and spread, just like Ebola vaccine were not enough to cope up with all the epidemics and pandemics and we needed to grow out toolbox even more. New Ebola vaccine to nip this disease from roots, new agreements show again partnership will be key tool for the future outbreaks. In case of emergency and Pandemics, private and public sectors if would work together definitely the risk diseases would be far more reduced.

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