Aiman Khan Biography, Husband, Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman Khan Biography, Husband,  Age, Instagram, Wedding, Pictures

Aiman khan biography

Profession: Actress, Model

TV: Meri Beti (2013)

Father: Not Known

Mother: Not Known

Brother(s): 3 younger brothers

Sister(s): Minal Khan

Marital Status: Married

Husband/Boyfriend: Muneeb Butt

Children: 1

Daughter(s): Amal Khan

Born: November 20, 1998 (age 21 years), Karachi, Pakistan

Movies: Apna Khana Khud Garam Karo, Lucknow Walay Latif Ullah

Siblings: Minal Khan


FULL NAME: Aiman Khan

PROFESSION: Actress, Model


AGE: 22 years old (in 2021)

DATE OF BIRTH: November 20, 1998

BIRTHPLACE: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


HEIGHT: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)

WEIGHT: 55 kg (120 lbs)

BODY MEASUREMENTS: 34-26-34 inches

WAIST: 26 inches

HIPS: 34 inches

BODY TYPE: Hourglass

Aiman khan biography

Profession Actress
Physical Stats & More
Height (approx.) in centimeters- 163 cm
in meters- 1.63 m
in feet & inches- 5’ 4”
Weight (approx.) in kilograms- 50 kg
in pounds- 110 lbs
Figure Measurements (approx.) 34-24-34
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Debut TV: Mohabbat Bhaar Mai Jaye (2012)
Personal Life
Date of Birth 20 November 1998 (Friday)
Age (as of 2021) 22 Years
Birthplace Karachi, Pakistan
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Nationality Pakistani
Hometown Karachi, Pakistan
School Local School Karachi
Educational Qualification Graduate
Religion Islam
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian 
Hobbies Shopping, Travelling
Relationships & More
Marital Status Married
Marriage Date 21 November 2018
Aiman Khan with her husband
Husband/Spouse Muneeb Butt (Actor)
Parents Father- Late Mubeen Khan (Pakistani Police Officer)
Mother- Uzma Mubeen (Homemaker)
Aiman Khan with her parents
Children Daughter- Amal Muneeb
Aiman Khan holding her daughter
Siblings Brother- Maaz Khan, Huzaifa Khan, and Hammad Khan.
Sister- Minal Khan(Twin) (Actor)
Aiman Khan with her siblings
Favourite Things
Food Pakora, Burger
Drink Coffee
Game Sequence, Ludo
Music Genre Romantic, Hip Hop
Travel Destination Bali, Indonesia
Colour Gold

Aiman Khan Career

Aiman khan career

Pakistani model and actress Aiman Khan. She got into the show business by accident when she was very young. Working in advertisements was a lot of fun for Aiman Khan at the time because he was so young. Aiman Khan's career took off when she was old enough to play prominent roles in dramas, after years of being a part of various projects. She was a plump little girl who matured into a lovely young lady. People flocked to her in such large numbers that her name alone was enough to sell dramas.

She learned as she worked because she started in the industry at an early age. It was also challenging for her to balance her academics with her work. Even though this was never Aiman's intended career path, he had to put in a lot of effort. Her success as an actress has also been aided by her popularity on social media. Her social media presence aids her in obtaining high-quality work.

Aiman Khan Age

On November 22, 1998, Aiman was born. She is twenty-one years old. She is one of the industry's newest actresses, although she has a lot of experience.

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are two Pakistani actresses.

Aiman and minal

Aiman and Minal Khan are identical twin sisters. They've been in the entertainment world since they were children, and these two twin sisters have literally grown up in front of the cameras. Their first endeavor was together, and they worked together for the longest time. In the Pakistani entertainment industry, they are the only female identical twins. Both of them used to perform the same projects when they were younger. When one of them became exhausted, the other would pick up the slack. As a result, from the start, it was all about teamwork for them.

Aiman and Minal have never worked together in a drama, but they have done a lot of modeling together. Aiman and Minal frequently conduct interviews together, their social media accounts are full of photographs of them having a good time, and they have always protected one other.

Her twin sister was born 28 minutes before her. Despite the fact that this is only a few minutes of the age difference, it has had an impact on their personalities. Aiman, according to Minal Khan, is the bossier of the two. She makes friends readily as well, and the majority of Minal's friends are actually her sister's friends. Minal Khan's sister described her as "short-tempered, irritable, and difficult to understand" in an interview.

Minal is referred to by Aiman as the younger sister, implying that she has assumed the role of older sister from an early age. These two, on the other hand, have a hard time staying apart. Even after she married, Aiman made it a point to visit her home and keep in touch with her family.

Family of Aiman Khan

Aiman khan family

Her family is from Karachi, and she comes from a moderate background. Aiman's father is a police officer in Pakistan. Minal Khan, her twin sister, is also a media celebrity. Aiman is the eldest of three brothers. Aiman and Minal are both well-known, and the best thing about their personalities is that, despite their celebrity, they are both down-to-earth.

In November 2018, she married Muneeb Butt. Amal Muneeb, Aiman and Muneeb's daughter, was born to them. The main disadvantage of getting married, according to Aiman, is that you are no longer with your family, in your own home, which is your safe haven. She believes that no amount of affection you receive from your in-laws can compare to the love you receive from your own family.

In an interview, Aiman revealed that she missed her home and family so much after getting married that her husband drove her to her house every day for a month. Aiman's house was only a few minutes' drive away from her new home, which helped a lot.

Her mother advised her to focus on her new home once she was married. Her husband, on the other hand, has been quite supportive, making it simpler for her to give her mother's house as much as she desires. Aiman believes that she will be responsible for both houses even after she marries.

Aiman's obligations have grown since she became a mother. Before giving birth to her daughter, Aiman believed that the following marriage, she would have more time to devote to her family than she had in the past. She had little time to spend with her family before she started working due of the weird working hours. Her two families have always treated her equally.

Aiman Khan has a special relationship with her father. Her father treats her as though she were a son, she claims. While they adore one other, they do have disagreements when there is a conflict of interest. These quarrels never come in the way of their affection for one another. Her father confides in her as a friend would, and they make sure that they are never angry with each other for lengthy periods of time.

Aiman Khan Sister

Aiman khan sister

Minal Khan, Aiman Khan's twin sister, is also a well-known personality. She began her career in show business alongside Aiman Khan, but when the two are compared, it is clear that Aiman has a more powerful presence. Aiman took a hiatus from entertainment after getting married, while Minal Khan is getting more quality assignments than ever. Minal and Aiman have their own clothing line, Aiman Minal Closet, which they started together.

It was quite tough for Minal Khan to acclimatize to Aiman. Aiman used to cry every day after she married. She keeps in touch with her twin sister even now. Minal also assists Aiman with her daughter, who is portraying the ideal khala.

Brother of Aiman Khan

She is the youngest of three brothers. Her brothers are all younger than she is. Identical twins are also present in two of her brothers. Aiman's brothers and sisters are equally close to her. Her brothers were just as excited to meet her as her sister when she got married. Aiman is the older sister who is in charge of the household's affairs. She makes sure that she spends enough time with her own family even after she has married.

Aiman Khan Husband

Aiman khan husband

Muneeb Butt, Aiman Khan's husband, is also an actor who has made a reputation for himself. Aiman and Muneeb have collaborated on a number of dramas. Muneeb Butt is from a wealthy family, unlike a number of other Pakistani celebrities who struggled financially before making it great in the field.

Muneeb was watching a commercial photoshoot when he decided to join the industry. Muneeb went to see Shehroze Sabzwari's commercial shoot because he had recently joined the industry. When he saw how celebrities are handled, he decided this is what he wanted to achieve with his life, and the fight began.

Muneeb Butt's father is an entrepreneur who sells electronic devices. Muneeb Butt's father runs a General Trading Company that he founded while he was a child. Junaid Butt, Muneeb Butt's brother, assists his father in running the family business. Muneeb Butt's younger sibling has a son and a daughter. Muneeb has a close relationship with his sibling and father.

Muneeb Butt is the only one of his siblings that is younger than him. Muneeb is also very close to his mum. Muneeb describes his mother as a "very humble woman who is a homemaker." Muneeb is a knowledgeable man who fell in love with Aiman for her personality rather than her appearance. He's always been extremely mature for his age, which Aiman admired.

Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan

The love storey of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt is the most intriguing among celebrity couples. They're also one of the most recent celebs to tie the knot. Because of the age difference between Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt, the first time they met, Aiman was so little that Muneeb Butt thought of her as his younger sister. He could never have dreamed that he would marry her one day. They had a large circle of friends, so they spent a lot of time together having fun.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt gradually began to converse more frequently than before. She once playfully said that she truly wanted to marry. She told Muneeb she wanted to marry him when he inquired who she wanted to marry. In an interview, she stated that this was just a joke that turned into something more serious between them. Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt began seriously considering marriage after that. Even Minal Khan had no notion Aiman and Muneeb liked each other for a long time. When she later discovered the truth, she backed them up in any way she could.

After a few years of marriage, Aiman Khan now claims that Muneeb Butt's only behavior that irritates her is that he does not keep the room tidy. Aiman, on the other hand, takes her cleaning of the room and her surroundings very seriously. The fact that they are both best friends is still the nicest part about them. That was one of the things that kept them together in the past, and it is still the best part about their relationship now.

Engagement of Aiman Khan

Aiman khan engagement

In January 2017, she married Muneeb Butt. Their wedding was a lavish ceremony that drew a large number of celebrities. The engagement ceremony of Aiman and Muneeb was also a huge sensation on social media. Celebrities don't get this much attention from the general people very often. Similar to their wedding, their engagement was preceded with dholkis.

On the day of her engagement, she looked absolutely lovely. She wore a dress with a lot of embellishment and traditional jewelry. On this occasion, she kept her make-up and haircut modest.

Mehndi of Aiman Khan

Mehndi of aiman khan

Because it was the merger of two famous celebrities, Aiman Khan's wedding was the most anticipated wedding of the year. Aiman's mehndi was attended by a slew of celebrities. The mehndi ceremony began on November 27, 2018, a few days before the wedding. The Mehndi of Aiman Khan was the highlight of the festivities. The whole look of Aiman Khan, as well as the decor, was flawless. People were waiting with bated breath to see Aiman Khan's mehndi look. Minal Khan is by her sister's side at every occasion, as she is at every other event

Aiman Khan's wedding festivities had already begun with dholkis, a themed shadi party, and a mayun before the actual mehndi. On her mehndi celebration, Aiman wore a gorgeous Erum Khan Couture gown. Aiman Khan's mehndi has a completely different look than her mayun's. She wore an off-white short blouse with a bright lehnga that was elaborately embroidered. Her dupatta was also intricate. She wore a lot of jewelry as well. She had a great time getting all dolled up for her mehndi and making sure she looked stunning. The bangles in various colors are also very enticing. The images turned out so good since Aiman Khan's overall look went nicely with the design of her mehndi.

Unlike typical brides, she also danced with her husband on her mehndi. With their friends and family by their sides, Aiman and Muneeb made the most of this momentous day.

Wedding of Aiman Khan

The wedding of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt was the most talked-about wedding for a variety of reasons. While this pair has a large fan base, many people thought Aiman and Muneeb's wedding festivities were over the top. Many people believe that less is more when it comes to wedding celebrations, hence they have criticized Aiman Khan's wedding.

She hosted a wedding shower, and the couple had two separate extravagant mayuns, a large nikkah celebration, dholkis, and even a celebrity-filled evening. Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt were chastised for being lavish and flaunting their wealth. These functions were dubbed "madness" by others. People also commented that she shattered Urwa and Mawra's records for showing off. They further claimed that this wedding was not a family affair.

Her family and her then-fiancé Muneeb Butt also went on a tour to the Northern territories. She then went on a trip to Dubai, and as a result, she has been continually in the press as a result of these celebrations, which now appear to go on forever. People even speculated that Aiman Khan and her family were influenced by star plus serials because the wedding was developing into a long series with no end in sight.

In an interview following the wedding, Aiman revealed that while on their honeymoon, she was shocked by the level of criticism they received, but Muneeb helped her understand that being a celebrity required accepting the good with the bad. Aiman was aware of this and did not let the criticism to affect her. She is well aware that there are many individuals who adore them and want them nothing but the best.

Wedding Dress of Aiman Khan

Aiman khan wedding dress

Erum Khan was the designer of Aiman Khan's wedding gown. Aiman opted for a voluminous gown for her wedding. Omar Waqar, a well-known make-up artist, did her make-up. The majority of people disliked Aiman Khan's hair and make-up. To the point that the make-up artist had to justify himself by posting a video of Aiman's response after he finished her look for the wedding function.

Walima Dress of Aiman Khan

Aiman khan valima dress

Aiman Khan chose an Erum Khan costume for her Walima as well. This outfit was unlike any other she'd worn before. The dress's hue, exquisite decorations, and long-tail gave her a royal appearance. Aiman's Walima's make-up and haircut were also flawless. Her complete valima look was a hit with everyone, and it also complemented nicely with the decor.

Walima Photos of Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan's walima photos were among the best from all of her wedding events. Everything was picture perfect, from Aiman Khan's full outfit to the decorations. Muneeb Butt looked dashing in a tuxedo as well. Here are some of their most amazing walima photos.

Aiman Khan Daughter

Aiman khan daughter

Aiman Khan's daughter was born on the 30th of August, 2019. Aiman and Muneeb called their baby Amal Muneeb, which is a combination of the names Aiman and Muneeb and has a lovely connotation. People were eager to see Aiman Khan's daughter when she was born. Someone released an image within a few hours. Aiman was enraged at the situation. She wanted to share a photo of her kid with the world, but she couldn't because Amal's photo had already gone viral.

She devoted herself totally to her daughter's upbringing. She frequently mentioned how tough it was to raise a child, but that it was well worth it. Aiman's family was extremely helpful in parenting Amal. In a recent interview, Aiman revealed that she was so sleep-deprived for the first four months after giving birth to Amal that she cried every day. She is still adjusting to being a mother, as she perceives it to be a 24-hour job.

In the lockdown, Muneeb is enjoying spending time with his daughter. He believes he would have missed several of Amal's milestones if not for the lockdown. It's a blessing in disguise, he thinks. Aiman claims that Muneeb is of little use to her when it comes to caring for Amal. Minal and her mother have been her most steadfast supporters.

Aiman Khan Dramas

Mohabbat Bhaar Mein Jaye – 2012

Meri Beti – 2013

Digest Writer – 2014

Beqasoor – 2015

Khawab Siraye – 2016

Mann Mayal – 2016

Khali Haath – 2017

Zindaan – 2017

Hari Hari Churiyaan – 2017

Ghar Titli Ka Par – 2018

Kaif-e-Baharan – 2018

Ishq Tamasha – 2018

Baydardi – 2018

Baandi – 2018

Instagram: Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan, together with Mahira Khan, is the most followed Pakistani star on Instagram, with 5.9 million followers. The significant distinction is that she achieved this height at such a young age. She is the most well-known person on social media. Aiman believes that having a large social media following has helped her advance in her career.

Aiman is known for posting stunning photos of herself dressed up in fashionable clothing. She also uses her fan base to promote various products.

Dresses of Aiman Khan

She is well-known for her tasteful and fashionable attire. Her fans adore the clothes she regularly wears. Aiman prefers to dress in traditional clothing. As a result, ethnic costumes make up a large portion of her best outfits. Here are some stunning gowns that she has worn at recent performances and events.

Aiman khan dresses

Aiman khan dresses

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