According to study malarial drug has no benefit for Covid-19

According to study malarial drug has no benefit for covid-19

According to study malarial drug has no benefit for covid-19,
A malarial drug widely touted as a possible cure for Covid-19 showed no benefit against the disease over standard care, and was actually related to more deaths, the most important study of its kind showed on Tuesday. The United States government funded analysis of how American military veterans fared on Hydroxychloroquine was posted on a medical preprint site and not yet been peer reviewed. 

Hydroxychloroquine is an ant malarial drug; President Donald Trump had promoted this drug to COVID19, as a treatment. But this drug was of no use and resulted in the higher death rates of the patients admitted in hospitals, suffering from novel corona virus.

According to a research, 370 males nationwide, 98 receiving Hydroxychloroquine and 114 receiving Hydroxychloroquine along with Azithromycin.

And the rest 158 for not receiving any kind of drug.

Rates of death were far worse for those who had received the drug than those who hadn't. Large numbers of people were on ventilators, with no benefit demonstrated by the drug.

According to researchers, more than 27% of the patients, who were treated with Hydroxychloroquine died and 22% deaths were due to hydroxychlorquine and Azithromycin and 11.5% deaths were for not receiving any drug.

By using this drug along with Azithromycin was far more dangerous and had appeared as Cardiac death. This drug caused a condition in heart which was quite abnormal known as: QT prolongation.

A panel of infectious diseases society of America has strongly advised its physicians not to use this drug in combined form, butonly in clinical trials.

French National Agency has reported that about 43 patients receiving the combined drug have suffered from Cardiac related diseases and suffered mortality.

Brazilian researchers also have reported about the side effects of Hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID19.

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