OB31 Update (November 2021) Release Date, New Characters, Pet, Mechanisms, and More

OB31 Update (November 2021) Release Date, New Characters, Pet, Mechanisms, and More

Free Fire's OB30 upgrade came released on September 28, 2021. This update added new characters Leon and Sniper Treatment to the game, among other modifications. The full changelog is available here.

Ongoing OB31 update will bring several modifications and enhancements to the game. This post will discuss all the leaks we have concerning the FF OB31 upgrade.

Date of Free Fire OB31 Update

Upcoming OB31 Update (November 2021) for Free Fire is anticipated on November 30, 2021. Developers have yet to make an official statement. If you are a frequent reader of our (Free Fire Booyah!) blog, you know that we are virtually always correct.

Update OB31 New Features

The character Nairi is a storm chaser who is also a climate scientist. It'll be a female character. Additional than her name and description, there are no other character leaks. We'll let you know as we learn more about her exceptional talent.

Sverr – New Character

New Character – Sverr

Sverr is a male MMA fighter who joins Free Fire. The figure was initially seen in one of Garena's Free Fire video promos. It was later made a playable character on the Advanced Server before OB24. But he hasn't made it to the game yet, so anticipate him with OB31.

Sverr has an Active Skill named 'Berserk.' His unique ability increases opponent damage as his HP decreases. It takes 40HP to enhance damage by 10% at level 1, and it becomes more expensive as you level up.

3 – Yeti


Like all previous OB updates, the OB31 update will add a new pet to the game. ‘Yeti' Its particular ability is currently unknown; we will update as soon as we learn more.

The pet has three skins:

Tribal Yeti: A luminous green dot in the snow indicates their tribe.

Fiery Yeti: These snow creatures evidently enjoy fire.

Despite his size, he is a funky Yeti.

4. The MAC-10


The Military Armament Corporation Model 10, sometimes known as the MAC-10, is a tiny blowback driven machine pistol/submachine gun invented by Gordon B. Ingram in 1964. It comes in.45 ACP or 9mm. After its release in Free Fire, the MAC-10 will employ SMG ammunition despite being a Pistol.

5. New Mechanism - Vehicle Fire

new era

Like previous games of the type, Free Fire will allow players to fire from inside vehicles. Now you may fight like a mobster in Free Fire. In one of the teasers, Garena reveals this new system.

6. New Scooter


In one of Garena's newest teasers, the new Shirou character from Free Fire is featured on a Scooter. With the OB31 upgrade, it should be a new vehicle in Free Fire.

7. Akimbo Activator

The game will have a new mode called ‘Akimbo Activator'. It would put all firearms in akimbo mode. In other words, you may use two firearms at the same time in this mode.

The akimbo mode may be used during weapon equipping. A high-tech glove would enable dual handling of certain weapons. Also a high-tech sleeve allowing mixed double handling of all weapons More information is pending.

8. Mentoring System

A mentor can help you grow and immerse yourself in the Free Fire universe. After graduation, you may aid new players as a mentor. To be a mentor and have cadets, you must achieve the required rank in CS or BR.

Cadets and mentors may help new players. A mentor-cadet relationship may take several forms. The potential student must agree to study. A member may only have 3 cadets and 1 mentor. Points will be provided to the cadet, collected, and redeemed.


OB31 Update FAQs:

Q.1 When is the Free Fire OB31 Update?

A. 30 Nov 2021

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