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What is behind B4U Trades?

B4U is a group of companies with activities in different business areas, such as:

B4U Companies:

  1. B4U Foundation 
  2. B4U Soft 
  3. B4U Wallet 
  4. B4U Cabs 
  5. B4U Trades 
  6. Rehman Farms 
  7. FutureProperty
  8. Perfect Mudharba 
  9. Alpha TV
  10. Alpha Advertisement 
  11. Cemtechs
  12. Revolt

B4U vision:

Bringinvestments and cryptocurrencies closer toeverybody.

B4U mission:

Create a business group in various bussineses areas that allow our investors to generate profits in different ways.

What do B4U Trades do?

B4U is a group of people who have extensive experience in trade, investment techniques and market reach. By using their skills and experience, we market your investment and make a profit. Our main areas of investment are the following:

1. Real estate business

2. Cryptocurrencies Exchange

3. Information Technology

4. Transportations Services

5. Trading

6. Motorcycle Manufacturing

7. SatelliteTV Channel




Why B4U?

1. Group of real companies with real projects.

2. Extensive experience in commerce and finance.

3. Possibility of developing serious and stable business with great future projection.

4. Wide experience in TradingyCryptocurrencies.

5. Continuous international expansion.

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