99 % of people Don't know about Blood Pressure/Hypertension

Blood pressure is a force which lie in your blood viens and artry. If this pressure exceeds its limits it is known as blood pressure .if you don’t treat this high blood pressure it can bring a lot of problems related to your heart such as Heart attack , Stroke , Kidney failure and many other compilications .

There are two type of blood pressure that is systolic and dystolic .

Systolic: when the heart pumps it genrets pressure it is known as systolic

Dystolic:when the heart relax after pumping up it is known as Dystolic.

At normal blood pressure is 120/80. Whenever it increases from these limits it can harm your viens and artry .the main thing is from how long it is high from the said limit .

There can be temperory rise in blood pressure that is not a disease but it is constantly high you need to see the doctor before its get too late ,in long run it can harm your health such as heart attack,stoke and kidney failure .

The main reason for high blood pressure is

High salt intake  ,

High cholesterol levels

Kidney disease

Nervous system problem

Hormones problem  such as Thyroid

Blood pressure always get increases with age because you lost elasticty in your viens which leads to high blood pressure .you need a blanced diet to conrol your blood pressure and aviod smoking ,alchohal intake ,sodium intake .

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