Squid Game Can Teach You 5 Real-Life Lessons

Squid Game Can Teach You 5 Real-Life Lessons:

Have you ever considered how a television show may alter your life? A TV show may teach you the fundamentals of life and allow you to broaden your horizons; Squid Game can teach you numerous lessons.

There are very few of them that assist a human being in implementing such aspects in real life, and one of those rare is a television show that transformed the viewpoint.

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Squid Game is the most popular show on Netflix and is trending worldwide. It's a show that encourages individuals to reflect on their lives and gain real-life lessons that will alter their lives.


Squid Game is without a doubt one of the most vicious and violent TV programmes. But that all happened because they selected that portion in order to earn money and survive.

5 Things You Can Learn From the Squid Game:

Squid Game is one of the programmes from which you may acquire some valuable life lessons. So, without further ado, let's get started.

The decisions you make now will have an impact on your future:

We've all heard that the decisions we make impact our future and help us create a better or worse existence. A character in the anime Gi-Hun is a fantastic example, since he had several flaws; if you've seen the programme, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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His previous decisions came back to haunt him and cost him dearly. In real life, everyone should make the best decision for their future since you must consider the future.


The Key Is Appearance:

Most of the time, individuals evaluate others based on their appearance and dress. In the TV show, Gi-childhood hun's buddy also signed up for the game, which surprised him.

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Because he was a wealthy businessman, and the manner he conducted himself suggests that he had no need to participate in this game.


But the truth was much different; behind the skin of Sang-immaculate Woo's clothing, he was buried with a mountain of bills. That's what our young generation does nowadays as they go through social media, admiring happy couples and pals having a good time. There's something dark going on underneath their happiness, but they're not showing it.

So, never judge someone based on their look, since there is a lot going on behind their happiness.


Gambling Cannot Make You Rich

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Gambling is one of the worst addictions that someone can develop. When you enter the realm of gambling, you have the option of going into debt. Similarly to what occurred with Gi-hun, gambling became an evil buddy who clung to him.

Gambling is the quickest method to become wealthy, but it is also the riskiest and unluckiest. Regardless of what occurs, no one should gamble.

Not Everyone Can Be Trusted:

Trust is the aspect in our lives that we carry with us for the rest of our lives. Because you can't progress if you don't trust anyone. However, it is also a negative thing to have in your life. You may have heard that treachery comes from the ones you trust the most, and this is true.

Gi-Hun fully trusted Sang-Woo in the Squid game since he was Gi-boyhood Hun's neighbour and Gi-Hun believed it would be fun to play with him. But Sang-Woo had his intentions, and in one case, he purposefully placed Gi-Hun in the worst possible scenario.

Individuals trust a lot in real life, and then those people who they place their faith in don't let them down, even when it comes to betrayal. Trust is a critical component that needs a great deal of thinking.

Money Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness:

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Without a question, money is the most essential thing in life for every single individual alive today. Because individuals work hard to acquire money in order to provide a better life for their families.

It's also the wonderful motivator that everyone has seen on the TV show. All 456 people battling and playing the game for money are aware that their lives are in risk.

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Money can buy you fancy clothing, but it cannot ensure pleasure.

In real life, consider the affluent individuals who have everything yet are still anxious about life and business, even if they know they have earned more than enough.

There's a reason Squid Game is so popular on Netflix: it not only entertains us, but also informs us about life's realities.

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