5 ideas to make Mother’s Day special in lockdown

5 ideas to make Mother’s Day special in lockdown:

We have listed 5 ideas that won’t cost you a fortune (though it doesn’t matter if they do) and let you be at creative best. So start at least a day ahead and seize the opportunity to see your mother smile!

1. Buy her an Eid gift

Buy her an Eid gift

As Eid is also just around the corner and chances of festive shopping are zero, we are left with limited avenues like online orders. Unfortunately, brands have only started promoting Eid collections and you won’t get the order before 10th May. Here’s a simple alternative, let your mother choose her favourite dress and accessories and order them as an Eid gift. She can flaunt her gift a bit late but Eid seems to be a perfect occasion.

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2. Bake a cake or cook dinner

Bake a cake or cook dinner

Be the master chef for one day and serve her sehri, iftaar and dinner. While many restaurants and bakeries have opened delivery during restricted time period, an ordered cake won’t be as special as the one you bake for her. Take help from your father, siblings, nieces and nephews, in short all hands on deck. Best if you can bake a cake that she craves the most, but in case you’re an amateur, start from an easy recipe. As Mother’s Day is falling in Ramazan this year, you can also cook special savoury items for iftaar, be it her favourite pizza or pasta, samosay or pakoray, fruit salad or chana chaat.

3. Teach her something new

is there something that your mother always wanted to learn?

Is there something that your mother always wanted to learn? Maybe a few new millennial terms or to make an Italian dish, use Instagram, take selfies or learn to play a game?

You can show her plenty of YouTube videos and make her learn a new skill. Try to find out what will make her feel empowered and help her achieve it. Mothers love being self-reliant and learning something new in this age will renew a sense of pride in her.

This idea works two ways; you can also learn one of you mother’s innumerable talents during this lockdown. She can help you learn budgeting, basic sewing or crocheting. If your mom is from a multi-lingual family, try to learn her native tongue. Not only will this give you an activity to bond over but will also add a valuable skill under your belt.

4. Make a short film

Make a short film

Make a special video by using old photos and videos of your mother and family. This should showcase different phases of her life; ask her parents, siblings, friends and cousins to record short video messages for her. Add her all-time favourite song in the background. Add snippets of you and your siblings, sharing anecdotes or cherished memories. You can play it before or after you cut the cake. This idea also works best for those who live in another part of the world.

Mother's Day

5. Treat her like a queen


Well… she is the queen so treat her like one!

With all the running around the house that she does throughout the year, she deserves to be pampered. Give her a manicure and pedicure or a head massage. Watch videos on YouTube and revive your childhood days when you used to do her makeup. Use some easy DIY face masks, put on soothing background music and have a great spa at home.

On the contrary, talk to her as a friend about her life before marriage, her best and worst memories, what she aspired to become, what challenges she faced and how she overcame them, any cute proposal or love story that you don’t know about. For this one day, find out who your mother is as a person, not just a wife and a mother. You might be surprised about how little you actually know her.

PS: While mothers should be celebrated throughout the year, make sure to spend as much time as you can with your mum. This means posting adorable pictures and wishes on social media platforms (especially if your mom cannot see it) should not be of utmost importance. Make it her day, not yours!

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