33 Mutations by COVID19, What does it means for Vaccine development

33 Mutations by COVID19, What does it means for Vaccine development

As Novel corona virus is an entity, which is capable of mutations. It can change even the ways of causing the disease.China has reported that vaccine for corona virus could be hindered. In a research 11 random covid_19 patients were chosen and 33 different mutations have been identified.19 out of them were undiscovered in the SARS-COVID 2 virus which is notorious for causing covid_19.

Therefore it is identified that SARA-COVID 2 has the ability to change its pathogencityChao Jiang from Zheijang university ,told the news that "First we have to sequence the first strain of SARS_covid2 , without this it is hard to find how these mutations occur and how they have change its ability to affect humans. These mutations can cause the virus to be stronger or weaker, depending on the situation.

These mutations took the findings for vaccine so far. It depends on the nature of vaccines; some mutations also can weaken the vaccine, if not taken into consideration. However numerous vaccines development experiments are going on, which give us hope. 

An another scientist, Yong Gia from Australia told that " Scientists believe that the mutation rate of covid_19, is very low, suggesting that we shouldn't worry about the vaccine but this would also make people rethink that as corona virus is spreading and affecting large number of population the number of mutation would still be accumulated to a high level, despite the low mutation rate.

According to a research, the virus mutates itself as to prevent the binding of anti bodies to it, so therefore vaccine would be universally difficult to develop.

As anti bodies binds to a specific region on viruses called "antigen". But due to mutations, the shape of virus is changed and anti bodies (vaccines) are unable to combat with antigens in order to kill them.

US government's chief scientific advisor had said about the virus that "Almost every virus accumulate mutations , some do it faster than the others ,in case of Covid_19,  this has just begun, but this can just be tracked in detailed form.

According to latest news , Round about 183,820 people have died from covid_19 and about 2,645,092 have been affected from covid_19, till date and the number is sharply increasing, which is following an outbreak that has started in early December 2019, in the city of china , Wuhan.


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