10 Best Mithai Shops in Karachi

10 Best Mithai Shops in Karachi:

Sweets are the most cost-effective and practical desserts. Mithai will never be out of place at a wedding, a party, or a birthday. A muh meetha by your favourite mithai is a must-have at every event. So, if you're reading this, it's because you're looking for some tasty treats in this vast metropolis. Worry not, because we've compiled a list of the top ten sweet stores in Karachi. From Gulab Jaman and Cham Cham to hot jalebis and ras malai, these sweet shops have it all. So, without further ado, let's get started on this subject.

Best Sweet Shops in Karachi:

1. Delhi Sweets PECHS, Block 6 021-34545539
2. Bhashani Sweets Gulshan-e-Iqbal 0316-2336386 PKR 760/-
3. Fresco Sweets Shahra-e-Liaquat 021-32218926 PKR 800/-
4. Mahmood Sweets Gulberg Town 0332-2240493
5. Rehmat-e-Shereen Tariq Road 021-111734628 PKR 893/-
6. Dilpasand Sweets North Nazimabad 021-111376376 PKR 960/-
7. Dacca Bakers and Sweets Gulshan-e-Iqbal 021-34816678 PKR 740/-
8. Qasr-e-Sheereen North Nazimabad 0323-3277193 PKR 800/-
9. Dhamthal Sweets and Bakers Gulshan-e-Ali 021-34816678 PKR 840/-
10. Asr-e-Sheereen Sweets Gulshan-e-Iqbal 021-34981829 PKR 960/-


1. Delhi Sweets:

Delhi Sweets is without a doubt the most well-known sweet in Karachi. They offer some really good sweets and dairy goods. In the PECHS society neighbourhood, the bakery has a good reputation. Traditional sweets, cakes, pastries, samosas, halwa, rasgulla, bread, biscuits, and gift packs are all available from Delhi Sweets, all of which are of high quality and taste. They have the disadvantage of not providing delivery services, despite being one of Karachi's greatest sweet stores. Overall, however, the treats are very delectable.

Location: Shahrah-e-Faisal, PECHS Extension Block 6 PECHS, Karachi.
Timings: 7 am – 11 pm

2. Bhashani Sweets & Bakers

With its hygienic and high-quality products, Bhashani Sweets and Bakers gives its competitors a run for their money. This bakery has some of Karachi's tastiest and most cheap sweets. The large variety of mithai, cakes, and pastries are perfect for every occasion, whether it's a wedding, a celebration, or any happy occasion.
Kacha Gulla, Rasgulla, Sandes, Cham Cham, Ras Malai, Rabri, and Lab-e-Sheereen are some of the famous sweets. The store does not deliver to customers' homes. Their cooperative and professional team, on the other hand, will ensure that you receive the greatest service possible.

Location: Rashid Minhas Rd, Block 6 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Timings: 8 am – 12 am
Gulab Jaman: PKR 760/-
Rasgulla: PKR 760/-
Ladu: PKR 760/-

3. Fresco Sweets:

Fresco Sweets is known for its high-quality sweets, Dahi Balay, and other goods, and is located on Shahra-e-Liaquat. This particular sweet store is one of Karachi's most well-known and oldest sweet shops. There are numerous aspects that lead to it becoming one of Karachi's greatest sweet stores. The shop's cleanliness, quality, and taste of their items, as well as their fair costs, make it one of the best. Fresco Sweets offers takeout and delivery services to its consumers.

Location: Shahrah-e-Liaquat, near Aram Bagh Park Burns Road, Karachi.
Timings: 9 am – 10 pm
Gulab Jaman: PKR 880/-
Rasgulla: PKR 800/-
Ladu: PKR 800/-

4. Mahmood Sweets:

Mahmood Sweets, located in Shahra-e-Pakistan, is one of Karachi's oldest and best sweet businesses.
They've been in business since 1978 and continue to serve the community with only the highest quality items.
Kali Jamun, Kaju Katli, Chamcham, Baloshai, Moti Choor K Laddu, Halwajaat, and many more are among the exquisite sweets available. All of these have a pleasant, refreshing flavour that makes for a pleasant encounter.
If you're craving something sweet, these well-known Karachi delicacies can be delivered right to your door.

Location: Shahrah-e-Pakistan, Federal B Area Naseerabad Block 14 Gulberg Town, Karachi.
Timings: 7 am – 11 pm


Rehmat-e-Shereen is a one-of-a-kind bakery establishment famous for its high-quality bakery products and sweets all over the world. They never fail to keep their word and deliver high-quality goods. The delectable culinary items are finger-licking fantastic, which contributes to their devoted customer base. Rehmat-e-Shereen is without a doubt Karachi's finest and tastiest sweet shop. The beautiful variety of sweets are known as "desi ghee wali mithai" since they are produced with pure ghee. Karachiites adore Falooda kulfi and Rabri, in addition to traditional sweets. The restaurant has dine-in, takeout, and delivery options.
Location: 172-S, main Tariq Rd, P.E.C.H.S Block 2 Karachi.
Timings: 9 am – 12 am
Gulab Jaman: PKR 893/-
Rasgulla (half dozen): PKR 270/-
Ladu: PKR 893/-

6. Dilpasand Sweets:

Dilpasand sweets are made up of a wide range of high-quality items. Sweets, cakes, pastries, biscuits, nimko, sandwiches, doughnuts, halwajaat, and certain fast food items are among the many things available. The sweet cum dessert shop is located in Karachi's North Nazimabad. They have some delectable savoury foods in addition to the sweet treats. Customers are drawn in by the delectability and scrumptiousness of these food items. Furthermore, the sweet shop offers the option of having meals delivered to your home.

Location: Block A North Nazimabad Town, Karachi.
Timings: 8 am – 2 am
Gulab Jaman: PKR 960/-
Ladu: PKR 960/-

7. Dacca Sweets and Bakers:

Dacca Sweets and Bakers is a well-known bakery that specialises in Bengali desserts. Laddu, Jaman, paneer barfi, Kacha Gula, Rasgulla, and a variety of other sweet delights are among the sweet delicacies available. Dacca Sweets is a well-known eatery in Karachi that brings us sweetness and genuine goodness. The business, which is located on Rashid Minhas Road, is hygienic and offers some of the most delicious sweets. There are no delivery services, so you'll have to conduct a takeout. Overall, the sweet shop provides a genuine Indian feel.

Location: Rashid Minhas Rd, Block 6 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Timings: 8 am – 1 am
Gulab Jaman: PKR 740/-
Rasgulla: PKR 720/-
Laddu: PKR 740/-

8. Qasr-e-Sheereen:

It's only fair to include Qasr-e-Sheereen in our list of Karachi sweet stores. With its freshly produced and delectable bakery treats, this sweet shop has earned the hearts of many locals. The sweet shop offers a wide range of sweets, some of which are authentic desi Pakistani sweets and others which are fusion sweets.
They serve quick food options in addition to the customary sweets. Qasr-e-Sheereen provides a sanitary environment with the highest quality items. The sweet shop, like many others of its kind, does not offer home delivery to its clients.

Location: SD-26, Block A North Nazimabad Town, Karachi.
Timings: 8 am – 1 am
Gulaab Jaman: PKR 800/-
Laddu: PKR 800/-

9. Dhamthal Sweets and Bakers:



Dhamthal Sweets and Bakers is a well-known mithai business in Karachi. Dhamthal sweets are the first choice of most people in Karachi when it comes to sweets. They live up to their reputation for high-quality sweet and savoury treats. Dhamthal Sweets and Bakers is a well-known culinary establishment with a clean setting and a wide range of delectable dishes. You may obtain mouth-wateringly delicious sweets for every occasion at a reasonable price. They also give home delivery services, which is a plus.

Location: Gulshan-E-Ali, 2 Ayesha manzil, Federal B Area Block 7, Karachi.
Timings: 5 am – 2 am
Gulaab jaman: PKR 840/-
Moti Choor K Laddu: PKR 840/-

10. Asr-e-Sheereen Sweets:


Asr-e-Sheereen is regarded as one of Karachi's top sweet stores. It is well-known for its high-quality sweets, cakes, and nimko items. The famed sweet shop is located on Gulshan-e-Iqbal, the main University Road.
The business is said to feature a sanitary and clean atmosphere, as well as a wide selection of sweets and snacks. However, as compared to other Karachi sweet shops, the shop's wares are pricey. Nonetheless, the vast choice of high-quality products and pleasant staff are enough to entice you in. Furthermore, you have the option of shopping at the store or having the things delivered to your home.

Location: Block 13 A Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Timings: 2 pm – 11 pm
1 kg Gulab Jaman: PKR 960/-
Rasgulla (half dozen): PKR 342/-
1 kg Laddu: PKR 960/-

So there you have it: Karachi's top ten sweet stores. The best part about mithai is that they may be used for any occasion. These delights are inexpensive and full of delicious flavours.

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