10 Sons Who Chose to be Actors Like Their Father

We are aware of a famous quote that goes like father – like Son and that’s what we (gooposts.com) will be showing you today in this article That its true. Just like how a son wants to be a doctor when his father is a doctor, we have some amazing examples of actors who had been an example for their sons and their sons chose to become actors following their father’s footsteps.

Here are 10 fathers and sons who are well-known actors. Have a look!

Father Rahat Kazmi and Son Ali Kazmi

Rahat Kazmi and Ali Kazmi

Father Firdous Jamal and Son Hamza Firdous

Firdous Jamal and Hamza Firdous

Father Asif Raza Mir and Son Ahad Raza Mir

Father Asif Raza Mir and Son Ahad Raza Mir

Son Fahad Mustafa and Father Salahudin Tunio

Fahad Mustafa and Salahudin Tunio

Father Irfan khoosat and Son Sarmad khoosat

Irfan khoosat and Sarmad khoosat

Father Waseem Abbas and Son Ali Abbas

Waseem Abbas and Ali Abbas


Father Behroz Sabzwari and Son Shehroz Sabzwari

Behroz Sabzwari and Shehroz Sabzwari


Father Javed Sheikh and Son Shehzad Sheikh

Javed Sheikh and Shehzad Sheikh

Qaiser Khan and Zorain Nizamani

Qaiser Khan and Zorain Nizamani


Father Agha Sikandar and Son Agha Ali

Agha Sikandar and Agha Ali

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